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While the Indonesian island welcomes millions of visitors yearly, many are unaware of the extreme poverty a rising number of Bali’s residents live in. Beyond the tourist hotspots, the poverty rate is twice as high in rural communities and remote villages. Predominantly in the north of the island, the soil is less fertile, and access to education and employment opportunities is scarce. Having started as a pilot project under Volunteer Programs Bali in 2012, Volunteer Programs Forever was founded in 2015. Registered in Belgium, the non-profit organisation has over 11 years of expertise in developing sustainable and culturally sensitive solutions to empower underprivileged Balinese communities.

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We support Balinese communities to unlock their full potential by giving them better access to education and the resources to create their own path and a sustainable future.

Increasing access to knowledge and education.

Creating local job employment opportunities.

Targeted Soul Projects to answer community needs.

United through a worldwide network of like minded people.

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Our Forever Network works directly for and with the underprivileged communities in Bali.

We support communities as a whole instead of just individuals.

Our solutions are integrated in the local culture and traditions of Bali.

We provide mid and long term solutions instead of quick fixes.

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Testimonials of our local community

10 years of VP Forever

Testimonials of our volunteers in Bali

Our journey started in 2012 with the opening of the Forever Learning Centres in various underprivileged Balinese communities. While the centres focussed on offering English classes to children and teenagers given by international volunteers, they were also an excellent opportunity for the whole community to benefit from as they also created local employment and skill training.

Meeting people from around the world, learning more about different cultures and getting used to different accents was highly valuable for Balinese children not being able to travel. Whereas the English classes were an excellent preparation towards finding employment in the tourism sector, they allowed the international volunteers to gain deep insight into the Balinese culture and traditions. The cultural exchange inspired many to reconsider their careers or empower sustainable change in their home countries.

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