Agung’s story, ex student at our Learning Center


“Since I was a child, I have always wanted to be a pilot. When I was in elementary school I joined the Volunteer Programs Forever class to learn English. I continued with my classes during high school where I trained to work in tourism. When I was at one of the English classes one of the volunteers started talking to me about my love of planes and helicopters. They suggested that I do one of the Volunteer Programs workshops on career planning and self development. I met Kimberley who listened to me explaining how I had always wanted to become a pilot. She suggested that I look at what I needed to do to join the Indonesian air force. With her encouragement I applied for a job in the Indonesian Air Force to become a pilot. I was successful and am now a fully qualified pilot based in Java. I cannot thank Kimberley and Volunteer Programs Forever enough for helping me to believe in myself and find a way to make my dreams come true.”