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Locally produced

The products are designed based on the local artisans and crafts that are special and unique to the country. Through the collaborations we have with businesses around the world, we can ensure that every product within the Bali Touch brand is designed according to local standards and regulations and we only work with artisans who don’t have any other source of income. Through Bali Touch, we as Volunteer Programs Forever together with our business collaborations, is able to create opportunities for these people to have a structural income.

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Job opportunities

Bali Touch is developed to create sustainable job employment for local underprivileged communities around the world. Accessible products are offered at a fair price and fair wages for the local craftsmen and women are guaranteed. Mimalis supports by facilitating the development of the items for The Bali Touch brand and hosts opportunities for the sales of the products through their online shop.
By setting up long term collaborations with businesses all over the world, we can provide much needed support through local job employment.

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Designed to inspire

Everything we create and design comes directly from us and supported and inspired by our community. The products that are designed are meant to symbolize everything that VP Forever and the Forever Community is about. We want to bring people together. Thanks to the collaborations with businesses around the world we are able to provide job opportunities for these talented artisans. Thanks to our Forever Community our products are making a big impact all around the world.

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Bali Touch & YOU

Our Forever Community consists of people from every corner of the world and from various backgrounds and cultures. This diversity is our strength because we all share one and the same mission: to unite our skills, knowledge, and resources to help underprivileged communities. Together we make the difference for those communities in need.

Our story

YOU can now be part of our Forever Community by joining the Bali Touch brand. There are a few ways to be involved and we’ll tell you all about it!

  • Purchase items in our online shop
  • Become one of our official sales points
  • Share our products within your network as a contributor
  • Contribute your time and be part of our distribution team of volunteers

Shop online

All the products of Bali Touch are available for sale in our online shop. The hosting of our online shop of the Bali Touch Brand are part of the concept of giving of Mimalis. Mimalis hosts and facilitates the webshop and guarantees that 100% of the sales goes directly the people who make them and their communities.

By purchasing items in our online shop, you immediately support the craftsmen and women and their families and you get to wear and share meaningful and amazing products. The collection has a range of products, from silver jewellery, face masks, bags and accessories.

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Become an official sales point

Besides our online shop we also have several sales points where you can find our products. When you have a business and you are looking for a meaningful and interesting way to support the Bali Touch brand, you can become one of our sales points. We currently have sales points in Europe only but we are open to locations elsewhere in the world.

Our sales points are committed and dedicated to sell our products in their venue. This can be a done both offline and online. We have an individual approach with each and every sales point as we strongly believe that this is the only way to grow our Forever Community in an honest and transparent way. We do expect a certain commitment, we do sign contracts and we do talk business but we always keep in mind that everything we do and aim for is to support those communities around the world who need it so much.

Our sales points


Moesson is a monthly magazine for Dutch people with an Indonesian background, and for others who are interested in the former Dutch East Indies, present-day Indonesia and the Indonesian community in the Netherlands.

VP Forever has a collaboration with Moesson and you can find some of our products in their online webshop.
Check it out here.

We have been featured in their international magazine in April 2021 with our story.
Read the article here.

Ray’s Projects

Ray’s Projects is a shop and atelier located in Delft, The Netherlands. As a loyal contributor they are committed to showcase and sell all of the products of Bali Touch.
Find out more about Ray here.

Ray’s Projects is also hosting exclusive workshops in collaboration with VP Forever to customise and personalise Bali Touch items. A creative workshop where guests can work with acryl paint to make their favorite item uniquely their own.
For more info or to sign up, click here.

Taman Indonesia

Taman Indonesia is an Indonesian park, museum, shop and restaurant located in Kallenkote, The Netherlands. Experience Indonesian vibes in Holland and shop your favourite Bali Touch items in their large and cozy shop.
To visit or read more, click here.

Contact us for more information and questions

Wear it & share it

Don’t want or can’t become an official sales point? No worries! Besides just wearing the items, you can make an even bigger impact! You can also help us by selling the products within your own network as a contributor. This means you actively promote our products around you and you can take personal orders of any of our products. No financial commitments or investments you need to make, just by spreading the word and showing what we have in store, you are playing a big role in the sales.

Helping us with networking and finding new sales points is also something that you can do and that makes such a big impact. The more we spread our message, the bigger our community grows and ultimately the more we can help those people who need it the most. And it is very easy! Drop us a message and we can talk more!

Fun thing about being this kind of contributor is that you always get the first sneak peek of new products, you get special promo’s and you get to work on a very personal and individual base with our founder and team behind the scenes.

I want to share!

Join our distribution team

All logistics and distribution of Bali Touch is arranged by volunteers and contributors of the Forever Community of VP Forever who dedicate their time and efforts to deliver your items to you. This means that we do not have an official distribution center or warehouse. Our reason why we started Bali Touch is that we want to support underprivileged communities and everything we do, we also do in line with our vision and mission. It is our mission to allocate the majority of our funds directly to our communities, instead of paying high wages or operational costs. 

The driven force behind everything we do is our Forever Community. Dedicated volunteers and contributors are helping us with the distribution of the orders. Whenever someone orders online, they will make sure that you get your delivery on time! They act as a warehouse, they take on the orders and they deliver every single item themselves through the local postage systems.

That sounds like a lot of work, but it isn’t. We have an amazing team that is very organized and structured, so it does not take lots of time and effort. But the impact is BIG!
As our distribution team grows we can take on more orders, increase our production and ultimately support and help more underprivileged communities.

Join the team
Live to Love, Unite to Empower.

Have you spotted your favorite item yet? No matter which one you choose, purchasing one of our products means a huge difference to the ones who made it.  So we encourage you to talk about it and spread our mission among your loved ones.

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