Christmas campaign for the Forever Label made possible by our contributors

Not so long ago we shared the launch of one of our frameworks, the Forever Label. Created to provide immediate long term solutions for underprivileged communities that are heavily affected by the corona crisis. To read all about how the Forever Label was born, click here.

We told you all about how we designed a meaningful gift that was not only great to give to your loved ones for Christmas, but also meant a lot to underprivileged communities affected by the crisis. In case you missed the story about the Christmas campaign, read here.

But most importantly we need to tell you the story about how this campaign became a success, and even more importantly, who made it all possible!

Our intention is not to open a big web shop and to become a big business. Our goal is to support underprivileged communities around the world and the Forever Label is one of the frameworks that we created to do so. Every bracelet is handmade by a Balinese silversmith and every bracelet sold means we can give back to those communities that need it the most.

We sell the bracelets exclusively through our Forever Community. That means our contributors and volunteers are helping us with the distribution, the sales and the promotion. 

To set up the Christmas campaign, we got help from amazing contributors in The Netherlands and Belgium who committed their time and efforts to act as our distribution center. We could send the bracelets from Bali to them, and they took care of the rest.

Our wonderful and vibrant group of contributors in Europe came in immediate action to help sell the Christmas gifts. This was quite challenging indeed, as a lot was closed due to Covid restrictions. Shops were not allowed to open, restaurants and bars were closed, but that did not stop themThe efforts our contributors made was enormous. They drove around the country to deliver bracelets, they went back and forth to the post office to send them and they documented everything for our social media channels.

We can’t be thankful enough for these people. It is really because of our Forever Community that we are able to achieve so much for people who need it.
We strongly believe in the strength of uniting people and in the power of giving back as a long term engagement.

Our worldwide Forever Community is engaged in every fiber of our organization. It is what makes VP Forever different and it enables us to create real solutions to those in need. Our Forever Community consists of individuals, businesses and organizations who are dedicated to commit their time and skills and who are sharing the same mission; changing lives.

 By being part of the Forever Label, these contributors are not a big part of our Forever Community, they also make a big impact on those communities that need it the most.
Also interested to become part of our Forever Community? Read more about it here.

The Christmas campaign has been a great success. A lot of people have been surprised with a meaningful gift from their loved ones and a lot of Balinese silversmiths have been able to generate an income.
And it was all made possible by our Forever Community of contributors and volunteers!