Do you want your skills to make a difference in the world? Do you have any specific skills you would like to contribute towards communities in need? With Volunteer Programs Forever you can contribute your skills towards one of our projects abroad.

We hope to expand our network of learning so that anyone who shares the same vision and mission can be part of our family. We strongly believe that if we unite people and skills together, we can make much more difference and by working together we can achieve anything we dream of.

Besides our volunteer positions for teaching English at our pilot project in Bali, we also welcome contributors in our organization. We do this so that diverse and passionate niche individuals from all over the world can encourage community growth through teaching life skills and valuable trades. Through these opportunities, we aim to create a full-circle community of learning where all involved can grow together.

We are inviting passionate and skilled people who have the same mission as us: changing lives!
By sharing your skills with us, you are not only a part of our growth, you will also have an experience that not many others will ever have.


Compassionate individuals, experts, organizations, or even companies – no matter how big or small your contribution is, if you share our values, respect for the local culture and traditions, and want to give back please reach out to us and contact us through our contact form.

Volunteer Programs Forever is committed to welcoming people involved in supporting our work around the world. If you are passionate about seeing the lives of children and communities grow and develop, then becoming a VP Forever Ambassador is a great way to help make a difference!

As a VP Forever ambassador you represent the organization on a voluntary basis with the purpose of raising awareness about and funds for the work we undertake. An ambassador will help to create meaningful relationships and partnerships, promote the work of Volunteer Programs Forever and raise much needed funds for VP Forever’s programs and activities.

Our ambassadors are individuals or organizations who play a vital role in order to accomplish the VP Forever vision, mission and goals. They are also very important members of our community in spreading and sharing our story, our vision and mission and creating awareness of our work.

They find meaning in life by helping other people to reach their goals and aspire to be part of a growing and inspiring organization like Volunteer Programs Forever.

The VP Forever ambassadors core-mission is to promote our education and community self-development plans. As a VP Forever ambassador you play a precious, official, sustainable and concrete role in favor of children & communities even without leaving your city.

VP Forever ambassadors share and explain information about the organization’s agenda, projects and actions and plans:

  1. Through managing information and communication activities in their own countries;
  2. Involving co-workers, departments, institutions, civil society and friends.
  3. By actively raising funds and awareness through creative ways.

The responsibilities of our ambassadors may include some or all of the following:

  • Helping to recruit other supporters for Volunteer Programs Forever
  • Promoting VP Forever’s activities and programs
  • Giving talks and presentations about VP Forever
  • Identifying and developing potential fundraising opportunities in your local community.
  • Distributing promotional materials to interested people.
  • Inspiring others to hold fundraising events.
  • Keeping the management of VP Forever informed of their activities.
  • A commitment towards the role of ambassador for at least 12 months
  • Able to organize at least 3 events or campaigns within 12 months
  • Following VP Forever’s brand guidelines
  • Honor and respect the agreement signed


Benefits for you as an ambassador:

  • Your name will be in our ambassadors list.
  • You can include it in your CV.
  • Join a community of like-minded people.
  • Self-fulfillment.
  • Actively help to change our society to the better.
  • Create good Karma by helping others to implement their cause.
  • If you feel that this role fits you perfectly and you are interested in becoming one of our ambassadors, please contact us here.

Can I also contribute to Volunteer Programs Forever by doing something working from home base? Yes, you can! All you need is a stable internet connection and some spare free time.

Contributors are the lifeblood of Volunteer Programs Forever. As a non-profit organization we got started by individuals and groups of people who contribute their time and skills. At Volunteer Programs Forever we work with contributors from all around the world to increase the value, mission and vision of Volunteer Programs Forever.

Our contributors are individuals or companies/organizations who contribute their specific skill or specialty to Volunteer Programs Forever. By contributing their skills on a voluntary base, they support and help VP Forever in the development and growth.

A motivated contributor can make a tremendous difference to the impact on its community.

Contributors can designate their support to Volunteer Programs Forever and our programs in a variety of ways. Whether it is a one-time contribution or contributing for a longer period of time, every effort helps us to achieve our goals and to continue our mission.

Don’t have the time to commit to a volunteer placement or becoming an ambassador does not suit you? But you are still interested to support our programs? Perhaps you can contribute your skills at one of our programs!

At the projects of Volunteer Programs Forever we always welcome contributors that want to share their skill and contribute their time.

Through these opportunities, we aim to encourage continued learning of local traditions and create a full-circle community of learning where all involved can grow together.

We can do some of this alone, but we can do so much more together!

We are inviting passionate and skilled people who have the same mission as us: changing lives! By sharing your skills with us, you are not only a part of our growth, you will also have an experience that not many others will ever have.

Examples for contributing in the field can be as following:     

–  Organize workshops for our children at the pilot project in Bali, in specific topics (for example: healthcare, dance/yoga, environmental issues)
–  Using your photography or videography skills by contributing through creating content for marketing purposes.

How can I volunteer at Volunteer Programs Bali? At the pilot project in Bali, Volunteer Programs Bali, we welcome international volunteers from all over the world.

Since we have started the project in 2013, we have welcomed over 2000 volunteers into our programs, all leaving Bali with a bag full of memories and friendships for life.
Are you also interested to have a once in a lifetime experience? Keep on reading!


Volunteer Programs Bali (from now on referred to as VP Bali) works with a local school in Ubud, with around 500 children attending the English classes every week. The classes are held Monday through Thursday in the afternoon.

VP Bali uses an international ESL curriculum which provides  a structure that allows for consistency and routine. Most children are in the basic level, followed by the intermediate level, and smaller classes of advanced level.

Our vision of education as a journey, not an end goal, is seen through the fun creative learning techniques we use in our classes.

Educational games, dancing, and small competitions are some of the playful ways our students stay attentive, focused, and most of all have fun!
Volunteers are given freedom to use their own creativity to organize activities related to the subject of the curriculum.

VP Bali also keep things interesting outside of the classroom with activities such as weekly cleanups, monthly recycling events, cultural exchanges, “Student of the Month” awards, and guest workshops with local professionals.

We want the classes to be something students look forward to every day, knowing that they gain much more than new vocabulary.


While every volunteer has different motivations to give back and visit our island, our hope is that all of our guests walk away with more than the same life lessons and personal growth that come with volunteering abroad.

Volunteering with VP Bali means that while you are building bright futures for Bali’s youth, you are also immersing yourself into the true daily life and traditions of the Balinese people.

It is with this in mind that all of our volunteers live in “homestay” accommodation. A homestay is a bed & breakfast style space usually located in the compound of a family. This means that you stay in a bungalow separate from the main house, but you stay in their home compound.

It is a truly unique experience to stay so close to a Balinese family, you will see and experience the daily activities and join ceremonies.

Being a volunteer at VP Bali means you get to be part of the VP Bali Family. You will be living with a local family in their homestay, you will get to know a new culture, you will meet new people from all over the world and you get to teach the most amazing kids on the planet.

Applying is simple, head over to the website and apply directly through the online form.
The team in Bali will get in touch with you regarding your application shortly after.