Forever Projects are one of the solutions we offer to help communities in need at VP Forever

Disaster relief for Beirut – Our first Forever Project in Lebanon.

Beirut, Lebanon got hit by an devastating explosion that has made an enormous impact on its citizen. The mission of VP Forever is to support and empower underprivileged communities around the world and to empower them to build their own future, through a worldwide Forever Community.

Now our community needs us. The members of our Forever Community in Lebanon have been going through a lot since the past year. A revolution, economic crisis, a deadly pandemic and on Tuesday 4th August 2020 the city of Beirut has been hit by an enormous explosion that has caused more than 150 deaths so far, 5000+ injured and 300.000 families homeless. Houses are destroyed and people are still missing.

The aftermath of the explosion that happened in Beirut is enormous. Many lives have been lost, families torn apart and buildings destroyed. It will take a long time to process, to recover and to rebuild.

But, united we stand, and together we can make a difference to those affected. We are supporting many families who have lost absolutely everything. Their homes, their family members, their pets. But most importantly, they lost their safety and their freedom.

The mission of VP Forever is to support communities around the world through our Forever Community. Maria Noujaim is part of this in Beirut, Lebanon. Together we are raising funds so we can help families in the affected areas, to rebuild their homes. Transparency and honesty is key for VP Forever. Therefore we work together with members from our Forever Community who are on the ground in Beirut and who will ensure that YOUR donation goes straight to those people who need it.

With the funds raised VP Forever will support families whose houses are destroyed, whose loved ones are still missing and who need medical care. Every dollar raised will go straight to the people.

We aim to provide long term solutions and to help communities as a whole. Therefore we will be working with Marwan Khoury, a very talented woodworker who has been suffering a lot due to the situation in Lebanon. Since the crisis in the country started last September he hardly had any jobs. He is struggling a lot and really needs a job to survive and provide for his family.

Through this fundraiser we will not only help him with job employment, we will be able to support a lot of families by rebuilding their homes. They have lost everything and through the woodwork that Marwan and his team will do, we can support these families and create a safe environment for them.

Our Forever Community member Maria on the ground in Beirut shares her personal story here
She will make sure that every donation will go where it needs to go.

United we stand. Let’s give a hand and make a difference for the people in Beirut!

If you are interested to learn more about the fundraiser or make a donation, please have a look here