About VP Forever

There are several ways you can keep up to date with VP Forever’ work and initiatives. As a start, the website of VP Forever is very frequently updated

You can also keep track of Volunteer Programs Forever work by:

The foundation is registered in Belgium where its main office is located. The programs of VP Forever can be located all around the world. Currently the pilot project is located in Bali, Indonesia.

VP Forever was founded by Kimberley Vanderheyden. Read more about her and how she founded the foundation here.


You can make a direct donation through this link: Donate.
If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Volunteer Programs Forever at our contact form or via email at info@volunteer-programs-forever.org

Donors can receive a tax certificate if their donation is EUR 40 or more and we as the VP Forever foundation, we applied to the Ministry of Justice for permission to issue tax certificates for donations. For more information about the tax refund, please read here.

Every small donation helps us to continue our mission to provide educational solutions around the world. If you want to donate towards a specific project, please do let us know and we can keep you updated accordingly.

You can make your donation in either US Dollars or Euros.

Yes, Volunteer Programs Forever has a partnership with the King Baudouin Foundation located in the United States. Donations can be made directly through their page and a tax receipt will be send automatically. Please visit our page here.


In Belgium, there is no standard regulatory framework that applies to all philanthropic organisations in respect of accounting requirements, auditing and publicity.

The accounting requirements for non-profits, foundations and international non-profits vary depending on their scale (What are the accounting requirements for non-profits, foundations and international non-profits?).  As far as publicity is concerned, all organisations must file their accounts with the commercial court. Only (very) large organisations are also required to publish their annual accounts at the National Bank of Belgium.As regards verifying the accounts, the legal obligation to appoint an auditor is restricted to very large organisations. As far as VPForever is concerned, financial transparency means that a philanthropic organisation issues detailed accounts that have been independently audited and published in line with a standard financial model tailored for the philanthropic sector and the donor’s information needs.

Private foundations must be established through a notarial deed.

Current law requires private foundations to have at least three directors. However, this minimum will be abolished as from 1 May 2019 and it will be possible for a private foundation to have only one director.

Private foundations are normally subject to legal entities tax on certain categories of their income, such as real estate income and certain capital gains on Belgian real estate, and investment income such as dividends and interests.

Besides this tax, they are also subject to an annual wealth tax of 0.17% on the value of their assets, although some assets are excluded from the tax base.