Feel the Forever Magic with the Forever Label

The Forever Label has grown tremendously over the past months. Where we just started off with one bracelet for a Christmas campaign we are now expanding our products. The past few months we have been exploring for new products and most importantly; to support local Balinese people who we can support through job employment

Over the next months we will launch some very exciting products (sneak peek; we will have facemasks!). 

We want to help as many local Balinese as possible as the situation is very hard on them. Last month we started a specific fundraising campaign to support more Balinese communities and as a thank you we have been giving a special gift for every donation over €25,-. February was the month of LOVE. We could all use a little bit of extra love and especially now when life can be challenging. So we have dedicated the months of March and April to love and throughout those months we have been sharing and spreading the love vibes around!

VP Forever always strives to inspire and unite people all around the world. Over the past year we have united a lot of people to spread awareness about what we do and to inspire others to make a difference as well.
Even though we are also, just like everyone else, affected by the crisis, we are always looking for ways to support underprivileged communities.  

The silver jewelry line of the Forever label is produced in Bali, Indonesia.  80% of the Balinese population is depending on tourism to provide for their families and right now, a year into the pandemic and with no tourism whatsoever, it has become a real challenge to survive. Balinese silver craftsmen have been producing their amazingly skilled crafts for centuries.

The more people we can inspire and unite, the more people in Bali we can support through job employment opportunities or other community support. 

We got so many amazing responses and feedback and that really warms our heart.

The Forever Label was created to provide immediate job employment opportunities and we are so proud to see how it’s been growing and how you all like the journey. Over the next months we plan to open our web shop and we hope to increase the sales points around the world.
If we can have more structural sales points and monthly sales of our different products, we can guarantee more monthly incomes to the Balinese and we can support the entire community through these hard times.

This is only possible thanks to our Forever Community and we are so very grateful for that!

During our campaign we have raised almost €800,- and we will use those funds to support our community here in Bali in several ways. First and foremost we can now actively expand our product line and collection and by that means give more local people in Bali jobs.
Increasing our production means increasing job opportunities and that is what the Forever Label is all about!

If you are interested to support by purchasing an item from the Forever Label, contact us here.

We are always in need of donations to keep supporting our communities. Every little bit helps. Donate here to support and make that impact.