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Become part of our community and make a difference in this world!We are always looking for like minded people to help us inspire and empower the local Balinese communities.

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Forever Philosophy

We are not your average non-profit organization.Our approach is very different.

We think globally but act locally and this is only possible thanks to our worldwide Forever Community.
We strongly believe in the strength of uniting people and in the power of giving back as a long term engagement.
Our worldwide Forever Community is engaged in every fiber of our organization. It is what makes VP Forever different and it enables us to create real solutions to the Balinese communities in need.
Our Forever Community consists out of individuals, businesses and organizations who are dedicated to commit their time and skills and who are sharing the same mission; changing lives in Bali.

We are always looking to expand our worldwide Forever Community of people who are looking for doing something meaningful and giving back to the Balinese communities in need. We strongly believe that if we unite people and skills together, we can make much more difference and by working together we can achieve anything we dream of.

Together we can make dreams come true.


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Our contributors play a vital role in our organization. We always welcome skilled contributors who are interested to contribute their professional skills. This can be done without even leaving your home.

How does it work?

Compassionate individuals, experts, organizations, or even companies – no matter how big or small your contribution is, if you share our mission, you can be part of our movement and do something meaningful.
Whether you share your professional graphic design skills by creating something for us or sharing your profession as a doctor by giving online tutorials, it all makes a big impact.

If you feel you don’t have any specific skill, don’t worry! You can still have a big impact! Perhaps you know someone who does have these skills, or you can connect us with people in your network.

What's in it for you?

By sharing your skills and time with us, you do not only help us grow, you are also part of something bigger. Being part of our Forever Community will offer you an experience that not many others will ever have.
As little as an hour a month can make a big impact and we have experienced that we gain so much more personally by giving back to those in need.

Learn about the experience from other contributors.

Got some spare time and want to contribute?

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We regularly update our list of contributors that we need most urgently. Keep an eye out!

Or just send us a quick email for more info in our contact form.

Our Contributors

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Your role as our ambassador gives you the opportunity to connect with other ambassadors and visit Bali with a meaningful purpose.As an ambassador you are representing our brand on your social media. You are the face of our organization. You share our mission and you actively working on increasing the visibility and creating awareness for our cause to enable us to attract more potential donators and future collaborators.

How does it work?

Ambassadors of VP Forever organize different activities to raise awareness and increase visibility of our organization, with the end goal of raising funds. All we expect is your commitment and passion.
Whether you are organizing a fundraiser gala or creating partnerships with other influential individuals or companies, it is all part of YOUR mission.
Your efforts are a big deal and make all the difference! 

What's in it for you?

Being an ambassador has many benefits. You have a big impact in helping underprivileged communities in need and you are part of a vibrant and meaningful movement. You get to be involved with new projects on a very personal level. You role as our ambassador gives you the opportunity to connect with other ambassadors to grow your own network.

Sounds like the perfect task for you?

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Our Ambassadors

IG Tima
IG Mariana

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Volunteers are welcomed on location in our Forever Projects and at our Forever Learning Centers. A few days or a few months, everything is possible!

How does it work?

Volunteering on location means you play a big role in increasing knowledge and education of local communities. You get to be ‘hands on’ and you are part of the local family where the project or learning center is located. We have volunteer opportunities around the world in our different projects and learning centers. Duration, activities and costs variate per location.

What's in it for you?

Volunteering abroad has so many benefits. It offers you personal growth on many levels and it will help you to develop new skills. You make a big difference in the lives of others and thanks to our full transparency, you will see immediate result of your impact.  You get to immerse yourself in a new culture and you get to meet people from around the world, all part of our Forever Community.

Learn about the experience from other volunteers.

Click here for volunteer opportunities

Start your fundraiser at our VP Forever platform and make a difference.

Not sure how to contribute or no time to come volunteer on location? Why not start a fundraiser for a good cause. Fundraising has never been so easy, you can create your very own personal fundraiser on our platform and make a difference from home.

How does it work?

The priority of our organization is to increase our visibility and create awareness for the work we do. One of the ways to do this is to raise funds in a fun and creative way. That is where YOU come in!
Get creative and think out of the box!

Fundraise now

Here are a few examples to inspire you:

  • Help make a difference by asking for donations instead of gifts on your next birthday!
  • Start your own fun run event in your community and help us reach our goals!
  • Organize a Christmas market at your school where you can raise funds through profits of sales.
  • Collect funds at your next family dinner!
  • Engage your colleagues or employees by holding a fundraiser at your place of work
  • Activate your community to support our mission by holding your own fundraiser, such as silent auctions, concerts, or bake sales

Things to keep in mind:

  • For all promotional material we require you to stay within our brand guidelines
  • We only accept any fundraisers through our own platform
  • We require full transparency about raised funds
  • We can’t financially support any fundraiser (think materials, uniforms or other items)

What's in it for you?

We give our Fundraiser Friends all the tools you need to start your own fundraiser! And you know what? Raising funds has never been this easy. You just need to create your personal fundraiser on our customised page and you are ready to go!
Through our platform you can track your fundraiser, you can personalise it and you can stay in touch with everyone who donates. 

We have a toolkit ready for you with tips and tricks. So don’t worry, you don’t have to do it alone!


Do you want to start your own fundraiser?
Need a little help with some tips and tricks? Download our fundraiser toolbox here!

Download toolkit

Ongoing campaigns

Did you know that doing good is good for business? By having a collaboration with VP Forever you show your customers and employees that your business is committed to making a difference in this world. This can be done through donations to help our local projects in Bali.

How does it work?

There are different ways to support us through your business. We believe that every small effort can make a big difference and every way of support is a meaningful one!

  • Monetary donations
  • Contributing business services

A monetary donation is a very resourceful and successful way to support us. This can be done by donating a percentage of your sales, making a donation per purchase or organizing a company fundraiser. 

As a business you can also support us by donating your business services. What makes VP Forever unique and different to others is that we don’t spend money on big salaries but that we work with a worldwide community of contributors. You can be part of this community with your business as well!

The collaboration between VP Forever and your business can be temporary or long term. We aim to build long term relationships with businesses like yours to maximize the support and to personalize the collaboration.

What's in it for you?

Most of the consumers would prefer using a business that is supporting a good cause. And they would also pay extra for products and/or services from businesses that are committed to support non profit organizations. A collaboration with VP Forever shows your customers and employees that your business is committed to making a difference in this world.

By collaborating with us, your business plays a vital role in our Forever Community. You help us to make a huge difference for local communities in need.

We provide all the resources and materials to help you communicate about your support and the impact you generate for our organization. This can help you to bring this message to your employees, business partners, customers and any other stakeholders. 

Contact us for more info
Our business collaborations
Exclusive business collaborations

An exclusive collaboration is a long term relationship, where a company commits to support our organization not only monetary, but also supports us with their vision and mission.

VP Forever has an exclusive business collaboration with Mimalis. This means that the company Mimalis structurally donates a large portion of their profits to VP Forever as well as working in line with our vision and mission.

Produce locally with us and share globally in a meaningful way. We are always welcoming new companies to collaborate with us more exclusively. Do you own a company and you would like to commit to a long term relationship? Are you a shop owner and you like to sell our products and directly provide job employment for underprivileged communities? 

Contact us for more info