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Forever Label - our story

The Forever Label was born out of a collaboration with a local company in Indonesia called ‘Mimalis’. Mimalis is committed to structurally give back to VP Forever. A meaningful and inspiring collaboration that makes the Forever Label possible. All profits are going 100% to the
local communities that VP Forever supports and Mimalis guarantees fair wages and
sustainable job employment opportunities for the people who make the products.
Read more about the ‘concept of giving’ of Mimalis here.

It is the mission of VP Forever to create solutions for communities in need and we do so through our different frameworks. One of these frameworks is the Forever Label and was created to provide immediate long term solutions for underprivileged communities that are heavily affected by the corona crisis. VP Forever strongly believes in the power of uniting people to make a real difference in the lives of these people. By setting up long term collaborations with businesses all over the world, we can provide much needed support through local job employment.

Around the world there are a lot of people with amazing skills. Local artists, artisans, craftsmen and women have the needed skills to produce something amazing, but are without any job. Through the Forever Label, we as Volunteer Programs Forever together with our business collaborations, are able to create opportunities for these people to have a structural income.

Mimalis and VP Forever do not only share its founder. The collaboration is based on shared values. We share the same vision and mission to support and empower people around the world through education, opportunities and job employment.

Forever Label

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What are the products?

VP Forever works closely with Mimalis to ensure that all products of the Forever Label are made locally and by people that don’t or hardly have any other source of income. Together we source our materials at local markets, we connect with local craftsmen and women in rural villages and we work closely together with all our manufacturers and producers. Everyone who works for or with Mimalis is guaranteed a fair wage, sustainable support and an honest and transparent working relationship.

Mimalis supports by facilitating the development of the items for The Forever Label and hosts opportunities for the sales of the products through their online shop.

The products that are designed are meant to symbolize everything that VP Forever and the Forever Community is about. We want to bring people together. Thanks to the collaborations with businesses around the world we are able to provide job opportunities for these talented artisans.


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Where do we produce?

The Forever Label creates job opportunities worldwide. All items are designed based on the local crafts and products that are special and unique to the country. Through the collaborations we have with businesses around the world, we can ensure that every product within the Forever Label is designed according to local standards and regulations and we only work with artisans who don’t have any other source of income.

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The Forever Label wouldn’t exist without the Forever Community. First and foremost, it wouldn’t be what it is today, if it wasn’t for our exclusive business collaborations. Through these collaborations we can create, we can grow and we can inspire. Our business partners produce and design with us. They sell and wear for us. Worldwide.

Everyone who wears our products is part of a vibrant and inspiring Forever Community. By wearing a product from the Forever Label you have a big impact and by sharing the message you inspire and empower others to do the same.

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The more we spread our message, the bigger our community grows and ultimately the more we can help those people who need it the most. It is because of these business collaborations and contributors that we can make it all happen.

Besides just wearing the items, you can make an even bigger impact! Every member of our Forever Community contributes towards our mission and there are many ways for YOU to be part of that too! Whether it is by helping us sell the products or by sharing your story online, it all makes a big difference and is so very meaningful.

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Every member of our community is  part of our greater vision to make a change in this world.

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Online shop

All products and the hosting of our online shop of the Forever Label are part of the concept of giving of Mimalis. Mimalis hosts and facilitates the webshop and guarantees that 100% of the sales goes directly the people who make them and their communities.

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All logistics are arranged by volunteers and contributors of the Forever Community of VP Forever who dedicate their time and efforts to deliver your items to you. Besides our online shop we also have several sales points where you can find our products.

For more information about how YOU can be part of the Forever Label as well by becoming a sales point and to join our Forever Community: read more here.

Brand collaborations

Want to collaborate with the Forever Label to make personalized products for your business? We can make it happen! Through our brand collaborations we can create exclusive products together with you. A Christmas gift for all your employees? Anniversary to celebrate? Promotional materials? It is all possible. We work with talented artisans, craftsmen and women and we’d love to create something for you and your company.

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