Gio’s story, student at our Learning Center



Gio is 11 years old. He lives in Ubud and comes from a very troubled family background. There is as a lot of violence and alcohol abuse at home. When he first started English classes at VP Bali five years ago, he was disruptive in the classes and unpopular with the other children. And then one of our Australian volunteers took the time to listen to him and to encourage him in his classes. His behaviour started to change; he became motivated to learn English and he started to behave well in the classes. We have seen an immense growth over the years. Gio has been learning a lot and has shown a lot of positive change in his behaviour. He changed from being a troublemaker into a smart and kind kid who is loved by his teachers and his friends. We have a transport system that picks the children up from their homes and brings them to the classes. He chose to come early and played with the other children before the class started. He now has good friends and is developing confidence in himself. He can see a world and future for himself outside of his chaotic, violent family unit. We look forward to seeing how he will grow up and are sure that he will love the workshops at the new Center.