The products that are designed are meant to symbolize everything that VP Forever and the Forever Community is about.

Looking back at the first campaign of the Forever Label

Late 2020 VP Forever launched the Forever Label. The Forever Label is one of the frameworks of our organization that we created to support and empower underprivileged communities. The Forever Label was created to provide immediate long term solutions for underprivileged communities that are heavily affected by the corona crisis.
To read all about how the Forever Label was born, click here.

The first campaign started mid December 2020. The Christmas campaign was developed to bring some happiness and inspiration to people around the world at the end of a challenging year. By giving your loved ones a meaningful gift and to spread that positivity.
Learn more about the Christmas campaign here.

January 2021 – looking back on what we have achieved with the campaign. And wow, we have a lot to say. First and foremost, we have been blown away by the endless support of our Forever Community. This campaign really could not have been such a success without all of you.
How our Forever Network committed their time and effort for this campaign you can read in this blog.

Our intention of the Christmas campaign was not to open a big web shop and to become a big business and sell a million bracelets. Our goal is always to support underprivileged communities around the world and the Forever Label is one of the frameworks that we created to do so.
Every bracelet is handmade by a Balinese silversmith and every bracelet sold means we can give back to those communities that need it the most.

Selling these bracelets through our Forever Community was a way for us to inspire and unite more people. To create a meaningful gift and spread the message through our contributors. But the feedback has been so amazing and the sales went through the roof!
It was not even Christmas yet and we had to put in another order for production

We could only dream of that! Because by ordering more bracelets, more Balinese people got to go to work and earn some money. These talented artisans have been struggling a lot without an income since the pandemic started. And that is where the Forever Label came in to help. By producing everything locally, the impact is immediate and thanks to the amazing efforts of our Forever Community, the impact is even bigger.
Extra orders means extra work for them and that means a lot to us!

The Forever Label keeps on designing and producing. Besides bracelets we will soon have more items available for you. Soon we’ll be sharing more about the other items of the Forever Label and where and how to purchase them.

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