VP Forever works with different frameworks such as the Forever Label to comply to the needs of underprivileged communities worldwide

The launch of the Forever Label

During this year VP Forever has been focusing on many new projects and concepts. Besides immediate community relief for the Balinese affected by the corona crisis through food packages and homeschooling, we developed the concept of a new learning center. We started our first Forever Project in Lebanon and towards the end of the year we proudly launched the Forever Label. 

The Forever Label was born out of a collaboration with a local company in Indonesia called ‘The Label’. Created to provide immediate long term solutions for underprivileged communities that are heavily affected by the corona crisis.

It is the mission of VP Forever to create solutions for communities in need and we do so through our different frameworks. VP Forever strongly believes in the power of uniting people to make a real difference in the lives of these people. By setting up long term collaborations with businesses all over the world, we can provide much needed support through local job employment.

Everything we create and design comes directly from us and supported and inspired by our community. The products that are designed are meant to symbolize everything that VP Forever and the Forever Community is about. We want to bring people together.
Thanks to the collaborations with businesses around the world we are able to provide job opportunities for these talented artisans.
Thanks to our Forever Community our products are making a big impact all around the world.

What are the products?

Accessible products are offered at a fair price and fair wages for the local craftsmen and women are guaranteed. The Label has created the items for The Forever Label in their assortment specifically to support our organization.

Forever Label – Bali

The silver jewelry line of the Forever Label is produced in Bali, Indonesia. 80% of the Balinese population is depending on tourism to provide for their families and right now, due to the pandemic and with no tourism whatsoever, it has become a real challenge to survive.

Balinese silver craftsmen have been producing their amazingly skilled crafts for centuries. Thanks to the collaboration with the local company The Label we are now able to provide job opportunities for these talented artisans. Every piece of jewelry of the Forever Label is handmade with 925 Sterling silver.


The label wouldn’t exist without the Forever Community. First and foremost, it wouldn’t be what it is today, if it wasn’t for our exclusive business collaborations. Through these collaborations we can create, we can grow and we can inspire. Our business partners produce and design with us. They sell and wear for us. Worldwide.

Everyone who wears our products is part of a vibrant and inspiring Forever Community. By wearing a product from the Forever Label you have a big impact and by sharing the message you inspire and empower others to do the same.


The more we spread our message, the bigger our community grows and ultimately the more we can help those people who need it the most. It is because of these business collaborations and contributors that we can make it all happen.

Besides just wearing the items, you can make an even bigger impact! Every member of our Forever Community contributes towards our mission and there are many ways for YOU to be part of that too! Whether it is by helping us sell the products or by sharing your story online, it all makes a big difference and is so very meaningful.

Learn more about the Forever Label here.
Want to be part of our Forever Community as well? Whether as an individual or with your business, we welcome you! Send us a message!