Our Forever Vision

We believe in the power of connecting and uniting people worldwide to help fight poverty. Sharing knowledge and creating learning opportunities are essential for creating sustainable development. We focus on helping entire communities to reach their fullest potential.

We empower underprivileged communities by sharing and increasing access to knowledge. We understand that every culture must take their own distinct steps towards success, in line with the local traditions and way of life that make communities uniquely their own.

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Kimberley Vanderheyden founded VP Forever and VP Bali

Our Forever Founder

Volunteer Programs Forever was founded by the Belgian Kimberley Vanderheyden in 2015 after she founded the pilot project Volunteer Programs Bali in 2013. Kimberley is a passionate advocate of giving back to others and the positive effects it has on both individuals and their entire communities. It is her mission to create solutions and educational opportunities for local communities and to enable them to help raise powerful future generations. Through Volunteer Programs Forever, she has developed frameworks that contribute to sustainable and long-term growth. The foundation does this with full respect and understanding for local cultural heritage and traditions.

Our Forever Team

Did you know our Forever Team is located all around the world?

We are not your average non-profit organization. Our structure is very different. We strongly believe in the value of uniting people and the power of giving back as a long term engagement. We have a large worldwide community of people in our Forever Community. Every individual is engaged in our organization by offering their skills, time or donations to our projects in various ways.

We are different because of this worldwide Forever Community. This Community -with a capital C- is the beating heart of our organization. Because of this, we don’t have to spend donations on big salaries. Instead of spending funds on wages, we believe in uniting people to make a difference. Therefore we are able to direct the majority of donations straight to our projects.

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Volunteer Programs Forever is a private foundation, registered in Belgium with international projects. We have the ANBI status in The Netherlands and we are affiliated with the King Baudouin Foundation United States.

For more information about our governance or to see our annual reports, click here.

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