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Volunteer Programs Forever is not an average non-profit organisation. Our approach is very different. We act locally but think globally, thanks to our worldwide Forever Network. Established by volunteers worldwide, bringing together broad expertise, resources and various cultures, the network is built by individuals, organisations and businesses all dedicated to donating their valuable time and skills to create innovative and viable solutions to empower underprivileged communities in Bali.

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The Forever Founder

Volunteer Programs Forever was founded in 2015 by Belgian Kimberley Vanderheyden after successfully running the pilot project Volunteer Programs Bali, established in 2012.
Kimberley comes from a business background and is passionate about giving back to underprivileged communities. An advocate for children and animals, she made it her mission to create educational opportunities and employment outside the tourism sector to empower local Balinese communities to build a sustainable future.

Since moving to Bali in 2011, Kimberley is deeply rooted in the local culture. Every framework for Volunteer Programs Forever is set up with deep respect for local heritage and tradition. Kimberley is not only the founder of Volunteer Programs Forever and Volunteer Programs Bali, but she also owns the three labels Mimalis, Forever Label and Bali Touch. Bali Touch evolved out of the Forever Label, that was created to provide employment during the pandemic. Then, Kimberley Vanderheyden realised that Balinese communities need to be empowered towards a future outside the tourism sector to preserve their unique heritage. Bali Touch is now on the way to establishing itself as a serious brand, selling products handcrafted by members of underprivileged communities trained by the Volunteer Programs Forever network.

While still providing volunteer opportunities through Soul Projects, Volunteer Programs Forever now shifted the focus on skill training and employment in and outside the tourism sector but continues to offer education programs.

Our Forever Team

Did you know that the core of our organisation is located all around the world?

We are not your average non-profit organisation. Our structure is very different. We strongly believe in the value of uniting people worldwide and the power of giving back as a long-term engagement.
Volunteer Programs Forever is supported by a few members of the Forever Network, who have committed their time and skill set permanently and become the backbone of the organisation. All members have a strong connection with Bali and contribute pro bono outside their own employment duties, offering their expertise to the organisation in various ways.
Our success is our diversity and the dedication of those core members, offering their free time to the cause of Volunteer Programs Forever. This way, the organisation does not spend any donations on salaries and can direct the majority of funds straight to the projects.

We are always open to welcoming new skilled and dedicated people to our Forever team. Please note that those positions do not open on a regular base.

General Manager

Juan Carlos Ahijón has international leadership experience of 20 years in some of the Retail industry’s leading Groups and has been supporting projects in non-profits organizations for more then 10 years.

Currently he combines his work at VP Forever with leading  the Retail Consultancy project “convenientmadrid” providing  mentoring and guiding projects in need of a valuable and strategic vision.
“Trying to give back at least part of what we have received is always something worthwhile”

Head of the Soul Projects

Lore has over ten years of experience in the hospitality sector and is currently responsible for 300 staff members at her workplace.
Lorena recently moved to Bali to expand her horizons and share her skills with the local community. Her desire to give back has led her to collaborate with VP Forever. As the Head of Soul Projects, she uses her spare time to establish personal relationships with the local families and the people initiating the targeted fundraiser.
Her attention to detail, communication skills and respect for local traditions and culture greatly influence our projects and the Balinese people they impact.
“I always say that we only have one life, we have to live it, enjoy it and above all help whenever possible. It is the best gift we can give.”

Content marketing manager

Carlie Rice is an expert video producer with over 15 years experience filming in the hospitality and travel industry and producing short films.

Carlie’s passion to help the underprivileged people of the world began in 2010 when she participated in a charity project in the Kabira slum in Kenya. From then on she felt the need to get more involved and do more herself. She went on to visit other communities in need around the world such as Uganda, Sri Lanka and India thereby documenting her experience and sharing her knowledge with volunteers and benefactors.

Before arriving in Bali she was determined in helping the local Balinese communities and after meeting Kimberley, she was inspired to volunteer her time and skills to VP Forever in helping to build a strong team with the right values, as well as creating content for their social media platforms. Carlie’s experience of travel and filming allows her to capture the stories of the communities VP Forever works in and show them on social media to the world. She aims to inspire by creating visibility and documenting the organization’s work.

Music composer

Robina May is a pianist from Liverpool UK with the name taken from both her Grandmothers. Classically trained from the age of 6, Robina was exposed to a variety of musical styles from classical, to funk, soul and jazz. After teaching music at 6th form college, Robina decided to train as a secondary school music teacher where she still teaches today.  

Robina was encouraged to begin writing music 2 years ago where she began composing a piece of instrumental music a week, based on her own personal growth and development. Robina will be releasing two more albums as part of her ‘Seasons’ collection fusing music from a variety of styles, cultures and creating music for people to relax, meditate and heal too. 

Robina has always felt the need to give back to the underprivileged and after coming across VP Forever was inspired to come onboard as a contributor, to compose music for the video content created for the organisation.

Contributor of VP Forever

Head of Merchandise

Mariska, a dedicated supporter of Volunteer Programs Forever for stunning ten years, works in a Dutch school managing government funds to provide essential materials for disadvantaged schoolchildren. Her passion for equal opportunities extends beyond her country, inspired through frequent visits to Bali. As a volunteer, she raises awareness about Bali’s challenges and fosters compassion in Europe. Mariska plays a crucial role in promoting our merchandise, distributing them at her own expense. This effort had a remarkable impact during the pandemic, providing employment opportunities for Balinese people in need.


“Inés is an international photographer and traveler from Spain. Since her early years, she has moved around with her camera capturing everything around her, cultures, landscapes, and the beautiful souls she encountered during her adventures. She arrived in Bali 3 years ago motivated by being free and learning more about the beautiful culture on the Island of Gods.
She found in VP Forever the perfect opportunity to show the World how we live and learn from this country and its people, how we can help others just by telling their stories and letting the magic happen.
“Capturing your soul one picture at a time” is her motto in this life, let’s create!”

Who else is working behind the scenes?

We are happy to have such a wonderful team supporting Volunteer Programs Forever mission globally. These members fill in important roles such as:
  •  Communications
  •  Content creators
  •  Copywriters
  •  Funding experts
  • Graphic designers
  •  Health experts
  • IT experts
  •  Location managers
and are based around the world such as Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Mexico and Australia.
Together we can make it happen

Join our Forever Mission and be part of our network to make a difference in this world!

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Volunteer Programs Forever is a private foundation, registered in Belgium with international projects. We have the ANBI status in The Netherlands and we are affiliated with the King Baudouin Foundation United States.

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