Forever Vision

We believe in the power of uniting people worldwide to help fight poverty. By bringing together our expertise and skill set to develop educational programs and create job opportunities outside the tourism sector, we aim to break the cycle of poverty and nurture underprivileged Balinese communities to reach their fullest potential.

Forever Mission

Volunteer Programs Forever empowers Balinese communities by providing access to knowledge and creating learning opportunities supporting them to reach their fullest potential. The organisation does this through the frameworks of Fundraiser Friends, Soul Projects and the affiliated brand Bali Touch, all specifically designed to create sustainable solutions. In collaboration with the Balinese people, Volunteer Programs Forever develops every strategy in line with the culture and local traditions that make every community unique to its own. With a skillset resilient to future knockouts, underprivileged communities are more likely to flourish independently and transform their future.
Everything achieved is thanks to and in collaboration with the global Forever Network. Whether it is the hands-on volunteers in one of the projects, remote contributors or business collaborations ensuring job employment, each and every member of our Forever Network makes a big difference in empowering the underprivileged in Bali.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of our approach.

Balinese culture is very diverse and deeply rooted in traditions and beliefs. Here, society is based on communal values and closely knit family structures, making it common for collective decisions to be taken. Thus, understanding the local customs, norms, and religious practices is vital for engaging with the communities.

With ten years of experience developing projects across the island, our Forever Team is prepared to adjust to a different pace. We take the time to build relationships within the villages as we know that rushing initiatives without considering local perspectives can lead to resistance and ineffective outcomes.

As traditional structures play a significant role in community dynamics, we know it is crucial to include the local Banjar in larger projects to win the support and cooperation of the whole neighbourhood. Collaborating with local leaders and authorities often helps to bridge the gap between traditional practices and the transition towards future dynamics.

Whereas the support of community members is crucial, it is furthermore significant to pay attention to cultural rituals and events when initiating projects. Balinese ceremonies often require extended preparations and financial commitments. Hence aligning our activities with the Balinese calendar is very important. By incorporating cultural practises into our strategies, Volunteer Programs Forever paves the way to foster acceptance and engagement within the community whilst striving to support sustainable change.

Empowering communities in Bali to build their own future.

The local organisation VP Bali was established in 2012, running Forever Learning Centres in seven underprivileged communities in Bali. They were the backbone of the organisation, offering free English classes through an international volunteer network. Until the Forever Learning Centres closed their doors due to Covid-19 restrictions, they successfully provided 300 scholarships, 250 local employments and allowed more than 2000 volunteers to give back to underprivileged communities in Bali.

The pandemic made the founder, Kimberley Vanderheyden, realise that offering English classes was not enough to break the poverty cycle and that the focus needed to be adjusted. Proficient in change-making, she decided to concentrate on immediate relief such as food packages, health classes and providing homeschooling. As the pandemic continued, she created the Forever Label to offer job opportunities to members of underprivileged communities outside of the tourism sector. The Forever Label successfully sold local products such as jewellery and accessories in Europe, with all profits used to continue with the immediate relief.

Due to this experience and immense success, Kimberley Vanderheyden decided it was time to step up and expand the organisation’s focus by working towards skill training and employment outside of the tourism sector. Thus, she founded the new brand Bali Touch, to broaden the product line and continue to offering local job opportunities.

The pandemic also implemented the idea of Soul Projects, designed as a stepping stone towards a sustainable future. Soul Projects are targeted fundraisers created to support individual members of underprivileged communities and aimed to bring immediate relief to overcome personal challenges.

Soul Projects

Soul Projects are Volunteer Programs Forever’s response to a specific challenge. Designed as an immediate relief for identified community members, Soul Projects are larger fundraisers set up by individual volunteers who aspire to impact underprivileged communities in Bali personally through this platform. They run over the course of one month, and Volunteer Programs Forever will work closely with the volunteer by offering support and guidance to help reach the target within this timeframe.
Soul Projects are the stepping stone to sustainable change. While primarily launched from home, they are a fantastic opportunity to meet the backbones of the Forever Network and get involved on the ground when visiting Bali.
Thanks to the support of the global Forever Network, Soul Projects now range from scholarships, medical care, and construction projects where we offer short-term employment to builders and other skilled members of the community.

Want to start your own Soul Project? Get in touch, and we will find the right cause for you.

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Everything we do at Volunteer Programs Forever is for the Balinese and with the Balinese.


Like any other non-profit, Volunteer Programs Forever relies on donations. These can be a one-off or a monthly contribution on our donation platform.
As the organisation is still growing, structural funding is hard to generate. Due to these difficulties, Volunteer Programs Forever created a platform enabling donors to start their own fundraisers to empower Balinese communities. For now, the platform offers the choice of two fundraisers, one that involves less engagement, where the general funds support the organisation’s overall mission and the Soul Projects. Soul Projects are lengthier fundraisers, which allow the donor to get more involved with the organisation, and the money raised goes towards a targeted individual to support overcoming a specific challenge.

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Bali Touch brand

The Bali Touch brand is one of the most important frameworks of Volunteer Programs Forever. Evolved out of the Forever Label, which was created to provide job opportunities for members of communities heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the brand collaborates closely with Volunteer Programs Forever, as the organisation offers workshops and pre-employment training. Bali Touch only works with local artists and artisans who do not have any other source of income. All products designed are a homage to Balis cultural heritage and traditional craftsmanship using local materials and are subject to local standards and work regulations whilst aiming to create long-term local employment by collaborating with businesses worldwide.

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The driving force behind all these frameworks is YOU.

Our Forever Network is involved, engaged and united by our Soul Projects, Fundraisers Friends and the brand Bali Touch.

Join the Forever Network now and empower underprivileged Balinese communities to build their own future!