Our Philosophy

Knowledge and education are key to sustainable development.

We empower communities by increasing knowledge. We understand that each culture must take their own distinct steps towards success, in line with the local traditions and way of life that make communities uniquely their own. We provide access to knowledge and create learning opportunities for entire communities. The objective is always to help communities to reach their fullest potential with complete respect for the local culture. Collaboration is the cornerstone of our approach.

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We set up targeted projects that respond to specific challenges for underprivileged communities. Our projects are always aimed at facilitating sustainable development. We don’t believe in changing habits or imposing new ways of living or adapting local customs or traditions. We carefully study the problems, analyse the possibilities and decide on the most beneficial solution in collaboration with the local communities.

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Learning Centers

The Forever Learning Centers are Volunteer Programs Forever’s answer to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. We initiate training and educational projects to support local communities around the world and to help mitigate the damages caused by the corona crisis. Volunteer Programs Forever gives local underprivileged communities new perspectives through their Forever Learning Centers.

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