Our Philosophy

The Forever Learning Centers are developedfor and by the local communities.

Our Learning Centers are directed to anyone in the local community where we are active. They learn practical skills in order to build a better and more successful future. What the local community can learn at The Forever Learning Centers is focused on the specific knowledge and skills they need to find a job in their environment and thus increase their chances of a successful future. The Forever Learning Center therefore focuses on the long term: supporting and emancipating the local communities.

We also choose to work with local staff, who can learn valuable skills while working in our centers. After this internship, they can work in the Learning Center for at least another year. Children and teenagers who want to take English lessons at the Center submit an application and are then classified according to level.

“The Forever Learning Centers bring people together to make the best out of themselves. This is the only way to ensure change from the inside out.”

Kimberley Vanderheyden, Founder

The local communities do not only learn and gain practical skills.

By working together and learning with international volunteers, they also learn soft skills: insight into other cultures, different ways of communicating, and non-verbal interactions. They also learn to speak English in a professional environment and see from the front row how the Learning Center is being run. Everything in our Forever Learning Centers is tailored to the local needs and we always aim to find the balance between learning new skills and respecting local values and culture.

The Forever Learning Centers only recruit staff within the local communities.

International volunteers support these workers at certain times of the year. Volunteers’ fees are always fully returned to The Forever Learning Centers. The construction of the Centers are also done in full collaboration with the local communities, using local builders, suppliers and materials. Once operational, the Centers are primarily a meeting place for local communities. Moreover, the activities of the Learning Centers are fully focused on their needs and challenges.

The first Forever Learning Center in Bali, Indonesia, is currently under construction.

When this pilot project is completely up and running, Volunteer Programs Forever will also start working with The Forever Learning Centers in other countries.

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Thanks to the hard work of the many ambassadors and friends.

The existence of the Forever Learning Centers is only possible thanks to the hard work of the many ambassadors and friends of Volunteer Programs Forever. They organize fundraisers where individuals and companies donate a contribution. Donations also flow through the website via the donation page and through grants.

How to get involved? Very simple: by donating or contributing as a volunteer.

Donations can be made via the donate button below, on the website of Volunteer Programs Forever or by contacting the foundation. Contributing as a volunteer can be done remotely or on location. Are you a copywriter, graphic designer, blogger, social media specialist, … and do you want to commit to Volunteer Programs Forever for a few hours a week? Fantastic! Your help is immensely valuable.

Professions that are less obvious when you think of volunteering are also essential in organizing the activities of our Learning Centers. Think of doctors or hairdressers. They can support on location or give workshops remotely via online channels.

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The Forever Learning Centers provide long-term support and solutions

Job opportunities

Free english classes for kids and teenagers

Internship opportunities for high school and university students

Workshops and events where the local community can learn different skills and gain knowledge

Together we can make it happen

Become part of our community and make a difference in this world!

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