On the challenges of pursuing higher education in Bali

Education plays an essential role in reaching personal growth, economic development and social progress. While Balinese children are gifted with vibrant culture, rich traditions, and a spirit of resilience, accessing higher education can be a complex and challenging journey for many. Especially in remote, underprivileged communities, students experience a lack of opportunities and resources, which makes it harder for them to break the cycle of poverty in their later life. This post sheds light on the obstacles many Balinese children encounter when trying to pursue higher education in Bali and how we at Volunteer Programs Forever aim to support them towards a thriving and sustainable future.


School Fees

One of the primary challenges Balinese children experience is the financial burden, as for many families, affording the costs of higher education is daunting. School fees, books, uniforms, transportation, and in the higher classes, mobile phones and laptops can be overwhelming alongside living expenses, particularly for those living in underprivileged communities. The high cost of education creates a significant barrier, and promising students often find their dreams of further education crushed due to financial constraints.


Another significant challenge is the geographical isolation of certain villages in Bali. Many educational institutions offering higher education are concentrated in urban areas, leaving children from rural or remote regions with limited options or forcing them to travel long distances to reach the nearest schools. The distance to travel, along with transportation costs and time constraints, pose significant challenges for students aspiring to pursue higher education and adds to the financial burden and increase the risk of dropouts.

Limited Opportunities

The lack of higher education options often leads to limited career opportunities for Balinese children in all professions. Many industries require specialised skills and knowledge that are acquired through higher education. Thus, individuals are often confined to low-paying jobs in the tourism sector without the necessary qualifications. They may find it challenging to secure well-paying and stable employment, thus perpetuating the cycle of limited opportunities and economic inequality.


At Volunteer Programs Forever, we are dedicated to breaking the barriers that prevent Balinese children from accessing higher education. Through our various initiatives, most of them Soul Projects, we work tirelessly to create long-term solutions for a thriving and resilient future for these communities.

Soul Projects

Volunteer Programs Forever runs “Soul Projects,” which focus on raising funds and awareness about the challenges faced by Balinese children in pursuing higher education. By engaging volunteers from around the world, we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of these children and their families.


Through creative and impactful fundraising campaigns, Volunteer Programs Forever gathers resources to support the educational needs of Balinese children.

These campaigns help families in lifting their burden by providing complete scholarships and learning materials to deserving students.

Bali Touch

The “Bali Touch” brand aims to bridge the gap between potential employers and skilled Balinese. By creating skill training programs, Volunteer Programs Forever equips artistic Balinese individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to secure employment opportunities that preserve the heritage of the beautiful arts and craftsmanship in Bali.


By providing better access to education, pre-employment programs, and job opportunities, Volunteer Programs Forever offers Balinese children a chance to break free from limited education and a future confined to the tourism sector.